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Picnic Time summer essentials are here. Picnic Baskets and Backpacks with all the accessories to make your picnic perfect!

Just in time for your Summer picnic or for Tanglewood Season...

Merritt Tableware - Offering creative designs and quality products that add a sense of warmth and joy to the home. From sophisticated to whimsical, subtle to bold; with fun and attractive designs. Just in time for Tanglewood Season or  for all your Summer Events! Merritt tableware is perfect for outdoor dining occasions. Visit or call us to find out more.

A molded plastic with great clarity and transparency. This plastic is a good substitute for glass. Acrylic will not yellow and the colors are weather and sunlight resistant. Although it resists most chemicals found in normal use, dishwasher rinse agents and heat can cause cracking and crazing (hairline cracks) along the sides of the tumblers.

A very durable molded material from a different family of plastics with good heat resistance. Its hard surfaces can withstand most scratching from metal utensils. Melamine is dishwasher safe.

In addition to Tritan's revolutionary strength and glass-like clarity, additional benefits include:
BPA free
Dent and shatter resistant
Dishwasher safe
Odor, taste, and stain resistant

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