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At last the holiday season is upon us!  Filled with the sweet and savory aromas and flavors that bring us back to a simpler time, the kitchen takes on an even larger role in all of our lives.   Whether you're cooking for a crowd, an intimate gathering, or bringing a perfect gift to your hosts, we've got just the thing you'll need to make your cooking experience delicious!

Here at you’ll find a carefully chosen subset of our extensive store inventory.  We hope the website will become an ever growing resource for all your cooking, dining and entertaining needs.  From our schedule of upcoming events, to the tasty recipes and seasonal projects in our newsletter, to a few words and experiences from our owner Rob Navarino, we know you’ll find to be a fun and indispensable experience.   

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On Saturday, December 3, 2016, 11:30 - 1:30, drop in at the Chef's Shop for a product demonstration of Swiss Diamond Cookware. Come in and check out this amazing cookware. We will be making Easy & Cheesy Appetizers on these nonstick skillets. SWISS DIAMOND IS AMAZING. Cooking at home should be convenient and healthy - so Swiss Diamond is made from cast aluminum and a reinforced nonstick coating with real diamond crystals. See how amazingly fun and easy it is to use and to clean up! 

While you are here we will also be baking Chocolate Bundt Cake in our NORDIC WARE baking pans. 

Check out some new products and get some holiday gifts too!

Bring in your knives!
ProSharp Mobile Sharpening will be here on Friday, December 9, 3 - 6 p.m., to put a fresh edge on your favorite knives. The cost is just $1 per blade inch, so your 8 inch chef's knife will be $8 for a bright blade that's just like new. Just in time for the holidays. If the time is inconvenient for you, drop your knives off at your convenience and pick them up later.