The Holiday Season

At last, the holidays are upon us.  Such a cliche, but it really does sneak up every year.  In the blink of an eye, my kids have gotten a year older, a year further along in school and work, a year wiser and more experienced and more fascinating to talk to.  Meanwhile, seemingly no time at all has passed for me.  How did that happen?!

Here at the store, now is our busiest time of year.  The combination of cooking, entertaining, and gift giving seems to form the perfect storm for a business like The Chef's Shop; and I always marvel at how much our customers, friends all, care and support this little store in this little town.  I can't tell you all how gratifying it is for me to be able to help you find that perfectly balanced santoku knife, or the most satisfying coffee-making device, or the loveliest baking pan for whatever job you're trying to do or gift you're hoping to give.  After 25 years, it still gives me a thrill!

So thank you, to all the customers, supporters and friends of The Chef's Shop, now at the holidays and all through the ever-accelerating years, for all you continue to do for my store, for my kids, and for me.

Rob Navarino